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    About Organ Mountain Outfitters

    Organ Mountain Outfitters is a for-profit company of photographers and designers passionate about the Southwest and apparel that fits our way of life. We donate a lunch from the sale of each of our products to New Mexico Public Schools to help ease the burden of families who struggle to pay their school lunch balance.

    How does the lunch program work?

    When our founder, Chris Lang, began printing t-shirts from his garage in 2016, $2 was donated with every shirt sold in support of the Las Cruces Public School District’s reduced lunch program. Since then, we have expanded our designs and products. We now have a retail store and employ New Mexicans who are passionate about our public lands and our children! We donate $2 from the sale of each original logo t-shirt and donate 3% of all our gross sales. This percentage allows us to donate lunches from every product sold. So whether you are buying our prints, candles, or any other apparel item, we donate lunches to a child at New Mexico public schools.

    How many lunches have you donated?

    We have donated over 90,00 lunches to Las Cruces Public Schools. We are now partnering with Albuquerque Public Schools and are very excited to bring this program to families within the APS.

    Buy a shirt. Give a lunch forever. How?

    We've created the Organ Mountain Endowment Fund with the Las Cruces Public Schools Foundation to create a program that would live on forever. Basically, we've created an account in where all of our giving is never spent but only the interest that it generates is spent on lunches. This way all future donations will compound the interest and there will always be a lunch program for children and families in the Las Cruces Public Schools. So your purchase will continue to give. Forever. You can read the news release here: LCPS News Release: Organ Mountain Outfitters Launches Endowment for School Lunches

    Who started this and why?

    Well, you can read that story here!

    Tell me about your products. Who designs your products and where are they made?

    Our products are designed, sourced, and produced in New Mexico. We screen print and embroider all of our shirts and apparel at our store in downtown Las Cruces. Our other items that include sewing and manufacturing are done in New Mexico as well. We are New Mexico proud and true.

    How long does it take to ship once I’ve ordered online?

    Our website states 7-10 days. We are a small company, and we order, print, and sew each of our items in Las Cruces. If we have the item in stock, we will ship out within 24 hours.

    Ok cool, what if my item doesn’t fit correctly, or worst case scenario I don’t like it?

    We promise 100% satisfaction. We back our products and want you to be happy with your decision to shop at OMO, that’s why we offer no-hassle exchanges and refunds. No questions asked. 

    Wow, I’m inspired. I want to donate!

    Great! As stated we are a for-profit business and not a non-profit. We ask you to make a check to the school that you would like to donate to. In the memo line, please put Student Lunches. However, if it’s easier to make the check to OMO, we will be happy to donate in your name and send you a copy of the receipt.