Organ Mountain Stories + Art Obscura

Organ Mountain Stories + Art Obscura

Relationships are not built overnight. They take time. They take shared experiences. Encountering adventure with one another.

We swapped stories with Deret Roberts of Art Obscura. We hung out at local shows. We ventured with Jay Hill of Hill Farms and pushed the restored motorcycle deep into the Mesilla Valley with the Organ Mountains watching over us. Those shared moments of collaboration helped form a strong relationship of commitment and trust between one another.

One that makes our community stronger. So that we can continue collaborating and sharing authentic experiences.

Organ Mountain lives for those moments and exists to share them with you.

Executive Producer: Organ Mountain Outfitters

Directed by Chris Lang

Edited by Charlotte Kramer

Camera Operator - Aaron Walterscheid

Camera Operator - Nathan Lefever

Camera Operator - Robert Watkins

Lighting by Nathan Lefever

Colorist - Charlotte Kramer

Produced by The LNG Company

Special thanks to: Deret Roberts of Art Obscura, Jay Hill of Hill Farms, Kelley Williams and Farshid Farrokhnia of Back of a Car for the use of their song, Alamogordo off their album Unconditional Loathe.

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