Inspired Stories: Madison Manning

Inspired Stories: Madison Manning

Madison Manning / Southlake, Texas

I'm currently studying for my Masters in Fine Arts with a focus in sculpture / video performance at NMSU. I'm passionate about walking into my studio every day to create something new. I love constantly learning and my favorite way of learning is through creating. 

I originally went to school to study fashion design, but through the foundations art classes we were required to take I fell into sculpture in my early undergrad years and then finished with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing from Texas Tech. I've always been interested in combining fashion and art, which at their core are very similar, and that's led me to the work I'm making now.  

There is always a new runway show to watch or an old movie to see so I'm constantly driven by new visuals and ideas. I'm often inspired by a piece of clothing, whether that be a detail like how the fringe hangs on a dress, or how the garment moves as a whole. I make my best work when I bring my favorite details together to create a new piece of my own. 

I'm most inspired by my friends. My friends do the coolest things and that's so rad to see and that drives me to work even harder. I love fashion designers and movies, but nothing is more inspirational than talking with my friends and watching them succeed. 

Photography by Simeon Beardsley

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