Food Truck Fridays - 138 Food Truck

Food Truck Fridays - 138 Food Truck

Organ Mountain Outfitters is dedicated to telling local stories of our community. This week we feature 138 Food Truck. You can catch them every Saturday at the Las Cruces Farmer's Market.

Organ Mountain: What's your name and what do you do?

Ben Wood: My name is Ben Wood, I'm the owner of 138 Food Truck.

OM: Tell us about your product and your business.

BW: Our menu changes all the time, what we do is we make almost everything in house from scratch. All of our sauces, proteins, make our own dough, the only thing we don't do is bake our own bread. We move along with what's really exciting to us at the time and we make it from scratch.


OM: What do you think the future holds?

BW: That's a tough question (laughs), I've thought about that a lot. We've thought about brick and mortar and we've thought about kind of branching off and doing another one (truck) and maybe offing this and doing something totally different. But to be honest there's a lot of benefits for what we're doing now, I have kids and I get to spend a lot of time with them, my schedule is a little more flexible than most. So, I feel like we will stick with what we are doing for a while longer. I'm not really closed to any opportunities at this point.

OM: After you leaving the Farmer's Market every Saturday what brings you back?

BW: You know when we have a busy day and the truck's a mess and we're cleaning up and I'm putting everything away and I'm driving this truck away, I have this sense of pride. As I've put it into gear, this is all me and I get to make all the decisions and we get to do whatever we want to do. That makes it really fun and really rewarding. When we come to Farmer's Market we have a lot of repeat customers and people who come and say what are you doing that's new this week or this month and so I feel there's a little bit of a customer connection at the Farmers Market. That's always nice because I feel we are a little bit more in touch with the people we are feeding. I love that, I think it's fun! 

OM: What's your name and what do you do?

Mina Smith: My name is Mina Smith and I'm a line cook and also student midwife but this pays the bills and I really, really enjoy it!

OM: Tell us about your product and your business.

MS: 138, we kind of started out with a very set ideal of what we wanted to do and we weren't taking advantage of the freedom that we had and we also realized we needed to expand more if people were going to buy our food. We make good food from scratch, kind of classics re-done in a way that is inspiring to us and accessible to people of Las Cruces, New Mexico. 

OM: What's the one thing that defines you?

MS: It's quality but also speed. We want to be fast and people expect a food truck to be fast but we're not going to sell something subpar for speed so quality is king but we also want something to be super duper fast. So we are able to produce something that is unique, fresh, very balanced flavors but in 5 minutes or less which is a huge deal. 

OM: What do you think the future holds?

MS: We're just gonna keep on trucking. We think the food truck is a really unique experience and an unique opportunity for cooks specifically we have a certain type of freedom and we're able to change our menu all the time and people have accepted that. We're just going to keep cooking!

OM: After you leaving the Farmer's Market, what's the most rewarding part?

MS: I was kind of surprised about how adventurous people will be at the Farmers Market. The first time we did Kimbap was last week, I really wanted to do it and Ben didn't question it and we, SOLD OUT! And I was so proud of Las Cruces! Driving away from the market I was like I sold hella Korean rolls, seaweed rolls! I was proud of Las Cruces for branching out and supporting local businesses. I'm proud to be a Las Cruces native cook. It's really exciting to make good food and have my own city support it. I pay my bills cooking good food in Las Cruces, that's pretty wild. You know to make money off that is icing on the cake. We're becoming more of a food town, with more variety and people value food in a different way, people appreciate novelty. Food with a little bit of heart.

Interview & Photography by Kobi Shillings - Instagram: @kobiwayne



Great story. Keep up the good work.

Nico S OHara

I love 138! Ps that band infront of them is called Two Brothers and Another and our instagram is 2_brothers_and_another. 138 has really goof everything and great personalities.


Best food truck in town. My Saturday goto is the chorizo burger. It’s DA Bomb!


Do you set up anywhere on a daily basis


Great story guys! Ben Wood is an incredible human.

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