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NatureTats - Opossum Temporary Tattoo - Organ Mountain Outfitters

NatureTats - Opossum Temporary Tattoo

$ 5.00

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The humble, yet misunderstood Virginia Opossum is a caring mother, clever forager, and an essential part of the ecosystem. These naked-tailed furballs aren’t picky eaters, they’ll eat small animals, insects, plants, fruits, and ticks, which reduces disease in animals and humans. Once born, they live in their mother's pouch drinking milk for 2 months, then climb to her back, carried for 5 months and taught how to be big opossums. They live for about 2 years in the wild. This opossum is 3.5 inches

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NatureTats - Opossum Temporary Tattoo

$ 5.00


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