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    Blog — organ mountain outfitters

    CBS 4 Local News: Las Cruces apparel company uses profits to buy students’ lunches

    CBS 4 Local News: Las Cruces apparel company uses profits to buy students’ lunches

    An apparel company is helping low-income students in Las Cruces.

    Organ Mountain Outfitters donates proceeds from its sales to students on a low-income meal plan in the Las Cruces Public Schools district.

    So far, the company has provided more than 5,000 lunches for students.

    Click on the video above to learn more about this family-owned business.

    Las Cruces Sun News: Organ Mountains Appear On New Apparel Brand

    Las Cruces Sun News: Organ Mountains Appear On New Apparel Brand

    LAS CRUCES – The Organ Mountains loom large on the Las Cruces horizon, and the iconic outline is also showing up on a line of clothing from a new Las Cruces business that is giving back to the community.

    Organ Mountain Outfitters, founded by Chris Lang, began selling a line of clothing and accessories featuring the mountains in July at the Las Cruces Farmer’s Market and has since expanded sales to other local festivals and events. It has also opened an online store on its website, which has attracted customers from throughout the U.S.

    The company is the second startup for Lang, 35, and a labor of love. Lang also owns and manages a local video production agency, LNG Creative Co. He relies on his wife, Kerry, to help him balance the work of running two businesses.

    “I wanted to build a company that would bring our community together, and I wanted to be able to give back at the same time. When I read an article in the Sun-News about the local school’s reduced lunch program, I knew this is where we could start,” he said.

    Lang said that for every shirt sold, $2 is donated to Las Cruces Public Schools Nutrition Services Department to help families who are struggling to pay for school lunches.

    “Basically, a reduced-price meal for qualified families costs 40 cents, so every contribution of $2 helps to feed a child for a school week,” he said.

    Since July, the company has helped provide about 6,000 school lunches, he said.

    Organ Mountain Outfitters product line includes a selection of shirts, hoodies, hats and accessories featuring the company’s distinctive logo silhouetted on the Organ Mountains skyline. The clothing, which has been carefully selected with comfort in mind, is available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes.

    “We’re also working on a line of fall and winter apparel, which will be available in mid-November,” Lang said.

    While the product line is small at this time, he plans to expand it to include clothing and accessories for camping, hiking, biking and photography enthusiasts.

    “To continue to move forward, we need to be innovating our own products and really listening to what our audience loves and wants to do in Las Cruces,” he said. “People here just love being outdoors, so we want to help them enjoy that in the most 100 percent Las Cruces way possible.”

    Lang is also committed to drawing on local resources to build the business. “We do not outsource the manufacturing,” he said. “Everything we do is sourced locally, including the marketing, screen printing, production, filmmaking, even the music in our videos. People ask if we are a national company, but we’re drawing on all the local talent in Las Cruces.”

    When Lang and his wife are not running the business, they focus on spending time with their two children, Sadie, 9, and Levi, 7. He is also an avid photographer.

    “I find inspiration in the mountains and love taking photographs of them, especially at night,” he said.  He has translated his inspiration into a business that allows him to showcase his love of all things Las Cruces.

    If you go

    What: Shirts, hoodies, hats and accessories for men, women and children featuring the silhouette of the Organ Mountains skyline.

    Where: Shoppers can find Organ Mountain Outfitters on Saturdays at the Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market and the upcoming Pet-O-Ber Fest on Oct. 29 at Young Park.

    Info: For information about Organ Mountain Outfitters apparel, visit the company’s website at, where you can also order products online.

    (Photo: Anayssa Vasquez / Sun-News)

    Organ Mountain Outfitters + Helping Raise Money for LCPS Reduced Lunch Program

    Organ Mountain Outfitters + Helping Raise Money for LCPS Reduced Lunch Program

    KVIA ABC 7, LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - The Organ Mountain Outfitters website promises that with every purchase made, it will help feed a Las Cruces Public Schools (LCPS) student for a week.

    Two weeks ago, the company presented a $1,000 check to LCPS Nutrition Services Department at Sonoma Elementary. The money will go to the reduced-price lunch program at LCPS.

    "It hits close to home. When you're born into poverty and live in poverty, you generally repeat that same cycle and I just want to be part of the solution," said Chris Lang, the outfitter's founder. Lang told ABC-7 he grew up on the reduced lunch program.

    Organ Mountain Outfitters has already sold 750 shirts. Two dollars from the purchase of every shirt goes towards feeding a child at LCPS.

    Nancy Cathey, the executive director of operations for the LCPS nutrition program, is thankful for the program. "Organ mountain outfitters is thinking about us and our students and supporting them, because we all believe that kids who eat learn better. So, we will have better academics in our schools," Cathey said.

    If you are interested in buying a shirt to help this cause, you can visit the outfitter's website.

    Copyright 2016 KVIA. All rights reserved.
    Author: By ABC-7 Reporter Stephen Decatur
    Published On: Sep 12 2016 04:34:39 PM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 12 2016 08:43:02 PM CDT

    Organ Mountain Outfitters Presents A $1,000 Check to the Las Cruces Public Schools

    Organ Mountain Outfitters Presents A $1,000 Check to the Las Cruces Public Schools

    Sept. 2, 2016 • contact: Brigitte Zigelhofer

    BUSINESS GIVES DONATION TO HELP FEED SCHOOL CHILDREN LAS CRUCES---Organ Mountain Outfitters of Las Cruces will present a check for $1,000 to the Las Cruces Public Schools (LCPS) during a presentation at Sonoma Elementary School, 4201 Northrise Drive, at 10:30 a.m., on Friday, September 2. The donation by business owner Chris Lang is a result of the Organ Mountain Outfitters’ mission to help families that are experiencing financial hardship and need assistance with paying for school lunches. Lang said his business plans to donate 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of Organ Mountain Outfitters’ t-shirts. The donation will be provided to the LCPS Nutrition Services Department.

    “Organ Mountain Outfitters is committed to our community and we want to give back in a way that we are able to,” stated Lang. “This donation would not be possible if it wasn’t for the people of Las Cruces who recognize and understand this need in our community. We are humbled that people are committed to our cause and wear our message proudly every day — ‘Buy a shirt. Give a lunch. Change our community.’”

    The initiative will support families that are already eligible to receive reduced-price lunches which cost 40-cents, said Nancy Cathey, director of LCPS nutrition services. Hundreds of families do not meet the income threshold for free meals at school, and sometimes they need assistance to pay for the reduced-price option.

    “This program is perfect for the many families that are struggling to make ends meet,” Cathey said. “For just 40 cents a day, one child at the Las Cruces Public Schools can have their lunch taken care of,” Lang said. “Organ Mountain Outfitters has already sold 500 shirts towards this cause and $2.00 from every shirt helps feed a child for an entire school week. This donation kicks off what I hope will become a long-standing effort to help our kids.”

    Organ Mountain Outfitters is a new company of photographers and designers that started in Las Cruces, New Mexico. For additional information, contact Lang at Organ Mountain Outfitters: or Brigitte Zigelhofer, LCPS community outreach liaison at 575-527-6014 or

    Organ Mountain Stories + Art Obscura

    Organ Mountain Stories + Art Obscura

    Relationships are not built overnight. They take time. They take shared experiences. Encountering adventure with one another.

    We swapped stories with Deret Roberts of Art Obscura. We hung out at local shows. We ventured with Jay Hill of Hill Farms and pushed the restored motorcycle deep into the Mesilla Valley with the Organ Mountains watching over us. Those shared moments of collaboration helped form a strong relationship of commitment and trust between one another.

    One that makes our community stronger. So that we can continue collaborating and sharing authentic experiences.

    Organ Mountain lives for those moments and exists to share them with you.

    Executive Producer: Organ Mountain Outfitters

    Directed by Chris Lang

    Edited by Charlotte Kramer

    Camera Operator - Aaron Walterscheid

    Camera Operator - Nathan Lefever

    Camera Operator - Robert Watkins

    Lighting by Nathan Lefever

    Colorist - Charlotte Kramer

    Produced by The LNG Company

    Special thanks to: Deret Roberts of Art Obscura, Jay Hill of Hill Farms, Kelley Williams and Farshid Farrokhnia of Back of a Car for the use of their song, Alamogordo off their album Unconditional Loathe.

    Listen to more Back of a Car at:

    Follow Art Obscura at:

    Follow Jay Hill at: