Hiking Las Cruces

Hiking Las Cruces

Hiking Las Cruces Organ Mountains Kids Photography Trail

One of the primary things that makes Las Cruces an ideal place to embrace adventure is that we have 350 days of sun each year! There are tons of things that you can do to take in some nature and get out some energy, but one of our favorites around here is hiking. It’s the perfect activity for spending some quality time with a good friend, making some new friends in a hiking group, or just enjoying the day with your family. Another great thing about hiking is that it can require basically no equipment. However, if you are into serious hiking it can be fun to search out and acquire all the perfect gear for your trek. Around our office “hiking equipment” is more likely to consist of cameras and lenses than boots and packs.  What can we say? It’s who we are.

The word “hiking” can mean so many things, but that’s not a problem in Las Cruces. If you have a whole day, a lot of water, and some serious energy, you can take on the Organ Needles Trail.  If you want to take it easy, the multi-use paths that stretch from the north side of town to NMSU are a perfect way to get a little fresh air in. It won’t provide the breathtaking views that a hike in the Organs will, but it’s nice to have options closer to home. A great way to find a hike that is perfect for you and the crew you're bringing with you is  alltrails.com. It rates the difficulty of each hike, and even has reviews from others who have hiked it.

With options like we have here, there really is no excuse not to get out and soak up some sun. Feel free to leave a comment to let our community know which hike is your favorite!

To find out more about us and how we are working to support the community here in Las Cruces browse our site for a little while. See you on the trails!

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